Most popular models

ПК-23+ Орех Белоцерковский

11 140 грн

ПК-262+ Дуб грифель/Дуб пломбір

11 870 грн

ПO-58 Bенге серый горизонт

8 570 грн

ПУ-01 Орех коньячный

9 130 грн

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TM “Ministry of Doors” belongs to the trade and production company TOB “TBK Ekaterinoclavska Dverna Artel”. The company was founded in 2014 and has its own factory for the production of entrance metal doors. . Due to the use of the latest technologies, we have no analogues in the production of doors in Ukraine. Our company is the leader in the Ukrainian market of front doors in two categories – “Export of front doors in 2017” and “The main supplier to the Ukrainian national networks in 2017, 2018.”

Our doors are successfully sold in the markets of 8 countries of Europe and Asia. Since we mostly work with developers, you can see our doors in all major cities of Ukraine.

All processes at the enterprise are maximally automated, organized with the meeting of safety requirements to the environment, according to state standard ISO 900e. Production quality control is carried out at all stages of production.

We use the latest production technologies at the factory with an area of almost 6000 sq.m.

Own production

We always have in stock all the doors that are presented in the company’s range.

100% Availability in stock

We have combined all the necessary quality characteristics of the doors at an affordable price.

Price - Quality

We see integrity in everything, so our products have all the necessary equipment for installation.

100% comprehensive solution

Confirmed QUALITY

Our doors are made of high-quality materials on temporary equipment, and all the components have successfully passed dozens of tests.


Foam filling of the box and contour of tubular seals protects from drafts and protects from penetration of external smells.


The solid box will provide a strength of a construction and balance of geometry of doors. This construction is 30% stronger than profile pipes.

Wide assortment

The variety of designs and segmentation make it possible to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customer.


He who possesses information – he possesses the world!
Be the focus of recent events, innovations and trends in the door manufacturing markets together with the ” Ministry of Doors”.


м. Дніпро
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Двери "Министерство дверей" увидели в Эпицентре. Зашли непосредственно на сайт производителя. Определиться с моделью и оформить заказ помогла консультант Гончаренко Ирина, спасибо большое 🤗🌞 качеством довольны, доставка быстрая и без проблем. Уже рекомендую друзьям и близким.. Спасибо!)
г. Светловодск
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Спасибо большое, все супер!
м. Львів
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Двері доставили швидко. Гарно запаковані, без жодних подряпин, характеристики відповідають заявленим на сайті. Задоволена на всі 100%!
г. Запорожье
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Мы вчера поставили Ваши двери)) - купили их в Эпицентре г. Запорожье. Очень довольны)). Спасибо Вам))!  Двери бомбически-классные)!